Monday, November 11, 2013

Eclectic Happenings in Edinburgh

I discovered the New College on the Mound while searching for books for a research paper on the affects of industrialization and urbanization on religion in Scotland, c.1750-1830 . This site is home to the University Divinity School and their library, which saved me as the main library had already loaned out the books I needed. My experience in the library reminded me of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons: as it was dimly lit; no one was in the lower recesses where I had to go; a majority of the books were over a hundred years old with many looking older with ornate gold and leather bindings;  you moved from level to level by a narrow and dark stairwell; you had to press a buzzer to leave; and you entered and exited the library through a colossal wooden door reminiscent of a medieval castle.

 Luckily, the fate of the Vatican City didn't rest on how quickly I could find the books I needed.
Below, is one of the locked rooms, containing what I'll call manuscripts, in the vaults.

John Knox, the famous Reformer, in the courtyard of the Edinburgh University School of Divinity, which was founded in 1583.

Poster I saw while in the Sandy Bells pub, which is renowned for its folk music. Musicians show up to play with others and to enjoy the atmosphere. 

Teviot, the oldest purpose built student union building in the world.

This poppy memorial for Remembrance Day  was in front of the Sir Walter Scott Monument on Princes Street in Edinburgh. The sections were organized by alphabetical order to commemorate those who have died in military service.

The Scotsmen is a popular newspaper in Scotland.

At the helm of the famous Royal Yacht Britannia, which sailed over a million miles for the Royal family. It served to be a symbol of the British Commonwealth. Over a billion dollars in business transactions were secured on this ship. Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were among some of those who were invited by the Queen to stay on the Yacht.

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