Saturday, December 14, 2013

Scotland v. USA Soccer Match

A few weeks back my friends and I headed up to Glasgow on a Friday to watch the Scotland versus USA International Friendly football (read: soccer) match at Hampden Park stadium. I was excited to go and see my first professional football match especially since people in the UK really take their football seriously. My friend Marston prepared for the game and bought American flags for Jake and I to cheer on our compatriots. Since none of my Scottish or English friends accompanied us on this excursion; it was to be an American weekend. Jake, Marston and I met up with the rest of our American friends in Glasgow and at the stadium and we all sat together down on field level; we are all in the Butler study abroad program. We ended up having a great time cheering on the good old USA and enjoyed the match even though it resulted in a 0-0 tie. Plus, we got recorded outside the stadium for their sports broadcast clip of fans!
 When we arrived at the stadium I was a bit weary to wear our flags. You see I've grown up in Southern California, sat in the cheap seats at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game and I know of the bad things that can happen to an opposing fan; therefore, I wasn't too keen on standing out in Glasgow, a city, which I have many the time heard referred to as the butt of jokes, especially about stabbings. Nonetheless, when at the stadium we all proudly donned our flags, after judging our surroundings. In the end, we even made a Scottish friend (he is next to me) and were only heckled by 8 year olds who were flying their Scottish colors. 

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